5 Special Crystal Gift Ideas For Memorial

May 31, 2022 Amber Wang

Memorial Photo Crystal——Symbol of Love and Remembrance

If your loved ones have left you, maybe you can use a photo and some words to encapsulate your beautiful memories into a unique crystal, and let them accompany you in another warm way. 

Time will ruthlessly take away your loved ones, but we can find a way to keep those precious memories.

Crystal Keychain or Necklace——Carry that you love

If you want your loved ones to accompany you at any time, then crystal keychains or crystal necklaces are very suitable for you. They are light and portable and can be worn with you.

Our crystal necklaces or keychains support uploading pictures, so you can use another special way to meet your loved ones at any time. A small crystal product can bring you unexpected emotional value. 

Recordable Greeting Card——Record your love

Using a recordable greeting card is a convenient and creative way to record your thoughts about a loved one. A lot of times, telling others what you think will help you maintain a positive emotional state. If it is not convenient for you to tell others, then this recordable greeting card as a quiet listener can help you very well.

Crystal Night Light——Bring you light

There will always be a light in your home for you. Even if the person you love is gone, you can still keep a light for yourself. This light can be in your home or in your heart, no matter what, remember to greet the new day with hope.

A quote that has always inspired me: Life was like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get.

Crystal Handle——Bring you warmth

Candles can bring light and warmth to us, just like when we are with our loved ones, you are peaceful and comfortable inside. Then the combination of crystal and candle is also an innovation. 

You can put suitable candles or aromatherapy on the candle holder, it will bring you a new experience, and the person you love will silently accompany you by your side.


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